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Mont Blanc the highest peak in the Alps in a day. Test your stamina with this almost superhuman-sounding challenge.


This package is aimed at fitness enthusiasts who want to try a fast pace in the high mountains. A previous mountain experience is only an advantage, but not absolutely necessary. It is a good idea to take a couple of days of preparation to get comfortable with the equipment needed and used in the high mountain conditions.


The journey to the top of Mont Blanc is a long one. Because of that, it’s tough enough for most of the people, even if we don’t try to break records. You will learn how to run on a glacier and in the mountains and how to progress at a good pace. The equipment is bigger and there is more to it than in regular trail running, so the challenge is enough for everyone.


We require participants to complete a 2-day acclimatization and training. Or, if you have previous mountain experience and want a real quick summit effort, at least one day of training is required. The purpose of these days is to prepare the body to function in thin air, as well as to prepare the participant to move on alpine running shoes with crampons in the rope party with a backpack, and the minimum equipment required by local regulations. The right kind of equipment is required for everyone who climbs Mont Blanc.


After the practice days, you will take a break.

In the evening, you will leave from 9 pm to midnight. The guide will decide on a more specific time.

The starting point is 1008m above the center of the village of Les Houches.

1st stage is col du Mont Lachat 2092m. You follow the paths, no technical difficulties.

2nd stage is the mountain hut Tête Rousse 3187m. You follow the paths, no major technical difficulties.

3rd stage is the Dôme de Goûter 4304m. Leaving Tête Rousse, the route becomes steeper and technically more difficult, after rocky part you move to a cold glacier at an altitude of almost 4000m. Here you will switch to the glacier mode and the modes of progression it requires.

4th stage is the weather station Abri Vallot 4362m, here you add your clothing and continue to the heaviest and slowest section to the top of Mont Blanc 4810m. You go all the way on the ropes.

Price Mont Blanc summit push 

1 person 1780 € 

2 persons 990 € per person

Price Includes IFMGA guiding, harnesses, crampons, ice axe and climbing helmet

June – September 

Location Chamonix

We cannot guarantee the summiting of Mont Blanc every time due to changes in weather and conditions. The guide can change either the starting point, the route or the mountain to be summit as needed.


The summit push will take 7-10 hours and descending 

4-7 hours, so the day is very demanding. Therefore, we recommend long and good preparation. You can get instructions on the equipment from us. It is the participant's own responsibility to ensure that the equipment in accordance with the instructions provided is with participant when starting summit push. If there are deficiencies in the equipment, the trip cannot be completed. The rules of the authorities regarding equipment are strict. Adequate personal snack and mountain rescue insurance should also be in order. On the way down the water and food can be bought from the mountain huts.



Depending on the weather and conditions, we will spend these two days either in Chamonix or on the Italian side. We will spend the night in a mountain hut, move around the glacier and aim to climb a 4000m or almost 4000m high peak, e.g. Aiguille du Chardonnet 3824m or Gran Paradiso 4061m in Italy.

Price Training 2 Days

1 person 1260 € 

2 persons 700 € per person

Price includes local transportation, IFMGA guiding and guides fees, harnesses, crampons, ice axe and helmet for training days.

June – September

Location Chamonix


We take up the Aiguille du Midi lift and do around trip to the Italian side along the Glacier du Géant.

Price Training 1 Day 

1 person 550 € 

2 persons 300 € per person

Price Includes IFMGA guiding, harnesses, crampons, ice axe and climbing helmet. Price do not include lift tickets.

June - September  

Location Chamonix Mont Blanc


From us you can get a harness, crampons, ice axe and a helmet suitable for the activity. You can also ask for backpacks if you don’t have suitable one ourselves. Alpine running shoes are purchased or rented in advance by the participants. The equipment list includes recommended models of Alpine running shoes.

The right kind of equipment is required for everyone who climbs Mont Blanc.


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