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Two day free skiers ski technique course is part of our Freeskiers skill training trail.

On this course you will learn off-piste ski technique basics. Either you are more advanced skier or new in Freeskiing this course will give good tools for you to become more solid back country skier.
A couple of decades experience I’ve noticed that best ski technique will have race skiers, slalom, GS, etc.. They are the only ones really doing the time and perfecting they skills agains the clock.
We do offer this experience and skill to you. First day you will ski with racing background ESF ski teacher learning good technique for off-piste skiing. You will ski this day either on-piste or off-piste. Next day you will take your new or refreshed skills to deeper in to off-piste with mountain guide, and keep on repeating this new skills while hunting good skiing.

Price please ask

Location Chamonix valley. Meeting point in Chamonix.

Ski season 2023

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