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Alps are full of nice mountain huts that are connected with trail network. Trail network can be trails on mountain valleys at different altitude or more technical challenging mountain trails higher at mountains where you need use some technical devices. 

Hut to hut depends on you and your group. Are you after 2 or 3 day running trip or even more days. Based on this we plan you a more specific trip. All the trips are tailor-made for you and your group. We always like to offer the best possible trip plan for you to take the most of these beautiful mountain valleys.

It is good to remember it is not only the valleys that are beautiful, mountain huts can be impressive too. How about Monastery dating history back to early 1000 - century, or Mountain hut high at the end of the valley and sauna with big landscape window on it, just to mention some examples. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll plan a good trail running experience for you and your group.


Min 3 and max 6 participants per one guide

June / September  

Contact us.

Location  Departure and return to Chamonix

Price please ask.


The guide may change the plan at the last minute due to group, weather and conditions. Please note that due to varying conditions.

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