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5 Days Mountain biking and trip in Lapland Finland. Possibility to make it biking and fishing trip!

August 2024

Ask suitable dates for you

5 Days


Location  Lapland Finland


Price  2450 € / person

Including mountain bike guiding, accommodation, half board + lunch picnic or snack, quad logistics to transport camping gear to next camp spot, transport in location. 

Max 7 persons in group

Mountain biking trip in Lapland, Finland with a professional guide. Five days biking in beautiful Lapland, which is a must experience at least once in a lifetime. Here you can feel and breathe the freshest air in the world, see the wilderness, hear the silence and enjoy freshest and healthiest food.


You will be biking days and nights in the nature of Lapland.

The main destination of this trip is the old postal route in very north of Finland right next to the Norwegian boarder from Näkkälä to Kalmankaltio which is around 93 km total. The biking terrain is hard packed sand and the trail goes partly under water around the and through the lake. This area is very dry, and the biggest sand dune area in Finland. There are historic as well as current day settlements of the indigenous Sami people where you can learn more about their fascinating culture and history. The biggest lake en route in Sámi history is called a ”double bottom lake”, a gate way to underworld. 


The daily biking distance is 20-30 km, with several metres verticals per day. Quad logistics will carry camping gear to next camping spot, allowing you to bike with day back. This is for all levels of biking but earlier mountain biking experience is necessary and participants should be in good physical shape. Lapland is a very special place to visit. 

Ask also our e-mountain biking trips.


Fishing is an option too, but separate fishing permits are required. 

lapland mountain biking



Lapland in the North West part of Finland is very different from any other parts of this country. It includes the driest part of Finland and mostly the terrain is hard packed sand. This creates a very spectacular landscape with sand dunes, creeks and rivers running between and through them and makes the water extremely clean and fresh.  This provides fish with superb feeding and breeding waters. 


Sandy terrain, Lapland mountains, swamps, and creeks together form a unique nature of fauna and flora. There are icy swamp hills, where ice stays unmelted year round. You can even find up to 800 year old trees that have only grown to knee height. 


Small crystal clear fishing creeks can provide part of the food on the way. During the winter months when sun does not even rise this area is nearly impossible to survive, but in the vibrant summer time when sun does not set at all, it has been a habitat base for hundreds of years.  Culturally it is an important Sámi area which Sámi people have been coming to from a vast area to worship Gods and also, passing through to the Arctic sea for fishing during summer months. 


We are proud to unlock these magical lands for you, with a help of the local people.

It is good to remember that these areas in Finland where you will be the far away from any roads, and therefore we are dependent on weather and conditions which may influence our chosen route.


Details, where to meet, timetable for the trip.


1. Day

Nearest airport is in Kittilä / Levi Finland which is our meet and greet point. We start our transport in the morning and it takes about 3 hours to reach our biking start point in Näkkälä.

There you will pack your equipment, but only your biking essentials.  A quad will take your main pack to the next camping spot, so you can bike with small day pack on your back. After loading you start biking a sandy quad trail about 20km to Pöyrisjärvi.


Saddle time will be around 3h + with a chance to get familiar with biking in this area.


2. Day

Pöyrisjärvi you’ll bike around the lake. This is the strangest part of the trip where you will bike in water and knee to waist deep creek crossings. We then hit solid ground again. Our aim is to bike to a place called Tsuukisautsi. It is near the Norwegian boarder and in this area you will see many reindeer if you missed them somehow on the previous day. You will cross some creeks on the way, and you might try some fishing (optional on request as need a separate permit which must be obtained before entering the wilderness area.) Biking distance about 30km.


Saddle time 6-8h depending on route selection.


3. Day 

Now you will have a chance to enjoy the scenery.  You will follow creek banks heading south and avoiding too soft swamps and too high hill tops. Where there is water there is also possibility of fishing. You will be biking about 20km to Lenkihaka. 


Saddle time 6-8h depending on route selection.


4. Day

So called day off as only 10km to next camping spot, so this day is perfect for for some fishing or maybe a day trip to the top of some surrounding hills or higher up at creek.....or just enjoying this place you are in right now.


Saddle time 2h + possible day trip.


5. Day

This last 20km part we will keep on following dirt road, creeks, swamps, passing by, little bit higher land down to Kalmankaltio where you will finish your biking. This day is most dependent on creek water levels.  If it’s at normal level, the trail is good to follow but, if water level is higher, the trail will get wetter and slower to ride. From Kalmakaltio it takes a little over 2h to return to Levi with our minibus.


Saddle time 3h.

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Your guides are Pinja and Jarmo, who were born and raised in Lapland, Finland. Jarmo is IFMGA mountain guide and an enthusiastic mountain biker. In his youth he did down hill racing and learned all the tricks from fast riding and also bike mechanics, which is a very important skill when you are biking in the wilderness away from phonelines and civilization. Pinja is passionate mountain biker and route planner.


Every summer you find them searching new spots and trails for enduro and mountain biking, but also at bike parks which is great fun with the family and kids.

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