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Trail Running

Running has on and off been a part of life for Jarmo. It was part of his hockey training as a child, and naturally back in those days his running always took place in the forest on trails or paths that were used for cross-country skiing during winter.


It was not a big part of his life most of the time, but it was always an option for good exercise and it’s easy to do wherever you are. During the period of time that Jarmo was working on offshore rope access which took him traveling to various places in the world, running was possible everywhere. 


”It was really nice way to explore new areas and neighborhoods where these work trips took me. With one run you can visit all the must see sights, and then find new perspectives to the location where ever you are. I’ve been running on the sea cliffs of the Shetland islands, Scotland shores and country side, Norwegian fjords sides and inland plateaus, boiling hot beaches in north-west Australia, Tanzanian savannah, a deserted island in Indonesia, some random coast lines in Brittany, France and south-west Spain, as well as cities like Singapore, Perth among others”


During his mountain guide training, running was part of his personal training to keep up and keep in shape. ”Mentally it was relaxing just to do long runs with an extremely hard pace at first. After a while it was just fun to run up mountains, alone with no one else around. During quiet times mostly in the autumn in Chamonix, running through all the autumn colours high up just to look down and run back. And of course play music loud in your headphones.”


This sensation and feeling is what Jarmo likes to offer to people who are interested in running in the mountains or those just wanting to move at a faster pace while exploring the mountains also with skis or alpine climbing.

trail running lapland
trail running chamonix

Chamonix, France

trail running les houches

Chamonix, France

Me and mountain dog at the Ounasvaara, Finland

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