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YellowSnow guides 

The YellowSnow Guides name comes from an idea that when you are dealing with the mountains conditions and weather, no matter how much you plan and prepare anything can happen and you just end up eating yellow snow. When you hire us we do our best that you don’t have to.


Don’t eat yellow snow is the company motto and if people can laugh about it, it is a good place to start for a good guide - client relationship.


The aim of YellowSnow Guides is to offer people great moments and time spent in the mountains, whether if it is skiing, climbing, hiking, running or biking.  They want people to experience unique surroundings and elements as well as enjoy the activity itself. The goal is that clients go back home after a day on the mountains with a big smile on their face. For some people a smile isn’t enough and they want to push themselves a bit more. In this case, Jarmo can offer them the chance to do more demanding activities. People can reach their personal limits, and even go over those limits and safely return to their comfort zone. Even for those who need the extra wow factor this will be achieved in a safe and controlled manner.


All the trips are built around the idea of a touch of luxury while sweating in the mountains. The weather and conditions can be harsh, but there is no point in suffering if it’s not necessary. This is why Jarmo sets the bar higher than average when it comes to accommodation, recommended equipment and general customer care.

mountain guiding chamonix
mountain guide chamonix
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