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The philosophy of YellowSnow Guides is to offer people mountain trips, days and experiences, as well as training, coaching and education. Working towards and reaching your personal goals on the mountain is hard work. Often people need to push themselves really hard to reach these goals. YellowSnow Guides wants to offer a safe and secure way to achieve this and also add a little touch of luxury because, that’s what we all need and deserve when overexerting ourselves in a harsh environment. 


The objective or target with YellowSnow Guides is to grow as a company in line with people’s changing goals, ambitions and aspirations on the mountain and in mountain sports while offering a high quality mountain guiding service. 

YellowSnow Guides want to offer an all-time classic mountain adventure by offering a more modern approach combining mountain sports and experiences. To expand the current market, YSG will continue to reach out to people in the traditional ways as well as with marketing and developing on e-platforms. The next step will be to grow into a micro influencer on social media and to combine other social and e-media sources. 

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